What is Slot Machine?  

Slot machine is an easy game one can play in Casino and these days even online. It is popular among new players and old alike who like simple games not requiring too much deliberation. 


May look simple, but slot machine itself has a long history. 

It is also called Fruit machine as to lemons and cherries drawing shown on the reels. 

First machine was created in 1880s, with pocker cards on the reels of five drums by Sittman and Pitt of Brooklyn. In 1887-1895 Charles Fey from San Francisco created variation to the machine. He made spinning reels of spaces, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and liberty bell (which became the slot’s name). It was simpler equipment as it only had three reels and it helped to read a win easier than previous one. When Liberty Bell hit big time, machine factories started copying Charles’ slot, firstly by Herbert Mills in 1907. Other versions succeeded. By 1963, very first full electronic slot machine was created by Bally, named Money Honey. In 1976 first video slot machine was manufactured and went to Hilton Hotel Las Vegas. As technology advanced, more types of machines were created providing variation to payouts. Modern slots use pseudorandom number generators to avoid players to predict the sequence.  

How to Play Slot Machine 

This is a game of chance. The player inserts coin and either pulls the handle or presses spin button. The reels will spin and depending on type of drawings shown when the reels stop, results will decide your payout. If a player presses Bet One, and has inserted one coin, award increases by one. The maximum number of coins that can be played in a single round is 3 using Bet Max option. Player can opt to Cash Out by pressing the button, if does not wish to use the remaining coins. 

Types of Slot Machines

Video poker, video machine, multipliers, reel machine, hybrid machine, wild play machine, Big Berthas, multiple payline machine, progressive, single-coin machine, touch-screen machine etc. 

Slot Machine by 파워볼사이트

Land based (physical location like casinos), Online (Computer game, mobile app) 

As above, we have briefly summarized what is a slot machine. 

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